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Beavers in Scouting is one name for the youngest section of Scouting with members younger than Cub Scouts and sometimes going to as young as five years of age. Other names are used in some countries. The programme is based on the concept of co-operating and sharing.

The Beaver programme started in the 1960s and 1970s in various countries around the world, with Canada and Northern Ireland leading the way.

The reasons for Beaver Scouting to be started were similar to the Wolf Cub, or Cub Scout, section in 1916: that adult leaders were bringing their younger children to meetings, and the youth members were in turn bringing their younger siblings.

Beaver Scouts were not formally recognised by many Scouting Associations until well into the 1980s, but were still run with the ideals of Scouting, as laid down by Baden-Powell in 1907, influencing them.

Beaver groups are often called colonies and meetings sometimes include a ceremony with a "beaver dam" in which the Beavers work together to fix a breach in the dam.

The Scout Association officially recognised Beaver Scouts in 1986, but there had been informal colonies around the country for some years beforehand. The programme is run for Five and ¾ to eight year olds, and precedes Cub Scouts.

The Beaver Scout section currently has the largest proportion of members within Scouting in the United Kingdom, with many colonies servicing waiting lists, some of which may have several times as many waiting as there are actual members.

The uniform is a turquoise sweatshirt or t-shirt, with the group colours for the neckerchief. The motto, shared with the rest of the UK Scout Association sections, is "Be Prepared".

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